Tractor Valet Boat Launch and Retrieval

Our Valet Boat Launch service is the most unique and convenient launching service on Pickwick Lake. Our service allows you to have a great experience with getting your boat in and out of the water. There’s no need to stress over backing up your trailer or finding a place to park it. We do it all!

Boat Launch Rates


Tractor Service up to 27'



Tractor Service for 28' & over


Boat Launching Procedure

Take a moment to review the loading procedures to ensure your overall safety and help expedite your launch and retrieval.

1.Enter the storage area where your boat is located at an Idle Speed. NO WAKE!!  WATCH FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS PLAYING!!

2.Prepare Your Boat:

  • Remove cover from your boat
  • Load all your items, including food, beverages, ice, and inflated water devices into the boat.
  • Be sure to load personal safety devices for all persons on the boat—It’s the law.
  • Check your boat’s battery to be sure it is charged
  • Check and confirm your boat’s drain plug is in.
3.Contact a Crewmember:
  • When your boat is ready—park your car in a designated parking space.
  • Call and let a 57 Service Crewmember know you are ready for launch—Call the office by Marine Radio on Channel 69 or by phone at 731-689-5252.

Please allow enough time for delays.  Occasionally our tractor service is delayed due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as traffic at the ramp or store, boat breakdowns, holiday traffic, etc.

4.Boat Launch and Loading
Boat launching and loading is the boat owner’s responsibility and 57 Service cannot be held responsible for damage.

  • Make sure your boat is hooked and secured to tractor correctly and completely then get in your boat.
  • The tractor driver will drive your boat and party to the ramp.
  • Please remain seated while the tractor and boat are in motion.
  • When your boat is completely in the water, start your engine, then signal to the 57 Service Crewman letting them know your boat is ready to be launched.
  • DO NOT drink and drive the boat***it’s the law***

5.Retrieval Procedure:
Boat loading is the boat owner’s responsibility and 57 Service cannot be held responsible for damage.

  • Upon entering the NO WAKE zone at Aqua Yacht Harbor: Call the office by Marine Radio on Channel 69 or by phone @ 731-689-5252.
  • If you call from a cabin or other location, please be precise as to the time given for your pick up so that other customers will not be delayed.
  • Be able to recognize your trailer and load your boat as quickly as possible.
  • Signal the 57 Service Crewman when your trailer is at the correct depth to load your boat.  This is very important to avoid damage to boat.
  • Drive the boat all the way up to the bow stop, as the crewman is wenching it up.
  • Trim up the outdrive & turn off the engine.  Let the Crewman know that your outdrive is ALL the way up!!
  • Remain seated while the tractor & boat are in motion.
  • Direct the 57 Service Crewman into your assigned slip.
  • Please assist 57 Service Crewman by watching for obstacles & signaling direction when necessary for your boat & trailer to correctly fit into your slip.
  • Lock up your boat and trailer and secure all of your water toys.
  • Please leave the Storage Facility at an IDLE SPEED!!  Watch for Children Playing and Tractors assisting other customers!!


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