Non-Ethonol Gas & Cover Services

Non-Ethanol Gas Up Service

We offer Non-Ethanol, 87 octane fuel at a very competitive price to our customers ONLY. This service allows your boat to be fueled up after a day or weekend of pleasure and prevents you, as well as others, from being delayed in weekend traffic and/or the hot sun when you return to use your boat or watercraft. Avoid these delays of fueling your boat by contacting our Office to take advantage of this valuable service and be put on the automatic Gas-Up List! 

**There is no additional fee for this service; you will only be charged for the cost of the fuel provided.

Cover Service

Take advantage of our Boat Cover Service as well.  After a great day of fun in the sun, you don’t need to fight with a big, heavy boat cover.  Plus, the carpet needs to dry out to avoid mildew and odor.  We will be glad to cover your boat after your boat dries out a few days.  Contact the Office to be put on the Cover List!

Size Vessel & Price:

Water Craft & Boats Under 18’ $5.00

Boats 18’-22’ $10.00

Boats 22’ & Over $15.00

All Pontoons $ 15.00


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